Jennifer and Jason, Lange Farm Wedding

Jennifer and Jason were the second half of my wedding weekend last week. After shooting Bonnie and Kevin in Ybor Saturday night, it was off to the Lange Farm on Sunday for Jennifer and Jason (and'll see). Doug Decker from Grant Hemond & Associates kept the reception pumping.

It was a lovely day with nice blue skies so I used it as a background for both the bride and groom.

Lange Farm has some very beautiful areas, and Jennifer gave me plenty of time to just walk around and make pictures wherever the mood struck.

Some clouds rolled in and diffused the sunlight, so we took advantage of it and snapped a few close portraits.

And then the breeze kicked up so we just went with it.

After the ceremony, the guests headed back for the cocktail hour and we just strolled around the grounds at sunset making pictures. I always have to find a way to incorporate that trademark white fence in a few shots.

Jennifer asked if I could get a horse in the background of a few shots. But with the enticement of fresh flowers, this guy had no problem taking center stage for a few shots.

As we started our walk back to the reception, I noticed the setting sun was casting a lovely warm glow and backlighting the oak trees and her veil.

While snapping a few ring shots in the warm sunlight, I was intrigued by the way the light was hitting Jennifer's face. A quick composition choice and we were able to get a few more portraits that had a different look than the diffused light portraits from earlier in the day.

I had to at least throw in one reception shot. This group knew how to party. The groomsmen had camouflage tuxedo vests that eventually ended up on the girls. There was a whole lot of line dancing and booty shaking.

And here's Olivia, Jennifer and Jason's daughter. I got a few shots of her throughout the day, but I made sure to get a few of just her and mommy before leaving. What a doll!

Yee-haw! That's it for Jennifer and Jason. Congratulations you two, and thanks for being such great sports on your wedding day. I wish your family the best of everything in the years to come!

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