Bonnie and Kevin, Don Vincente Wedding

Bonnie and Kevin kicked off my wedding weekend at the Don Vincente Inn, a lovely venue with lots of that local Ybor flavor. The coordination was handled by Georgia and her staff. I had never been to this location and I had lots of fun finding cool places to shoot. And as luck would have it, I'll be there again this weekend.

Bonnie poses by some lovely windows in her suite at the hotel.

We moved out into the lobby on the second floor and found some cool window light to play with.

There is this lovely staircase that I made sure to incorporate into a few photos.

A nice clean background outside in some great light was the perfect spot to snap a few shots of Kevin before the ceremony.

Bonnie and her father share a quiet moment before they descend the stairs to make their grand entrance at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the fading evening light was just bright enough to allow some quick shots around some of that old Ybor architecture.

Love those arches!

Bonnie and Kevin make a great couple, and they were easy and fun to work with.

Somehow the groom always ends up carrying the bouquet!

Once it got too dark outside, we explored some other parts of the hotel while the guests were enjoying their cocktail hour.

Looking into each others' eyes.

I wasn't sure if this light would be bright enough to work, but I asked Bonnie to just stand under it for a test shot. Before I could direct her she was striking the perfect pose for the location. We can make any spot look glamorous (her right hand is on the bathroom door!).

Right before the couple was introduced into the reception I ran (literally) outside to snap a quick shot of the venue with that great dusk sky.

And we'll end on a funny note. I want to point out that Kevin was a gentleman when feeding Bonnie, but she decided to take a different approach. Remember guys, you go first, so the ladies get the last laugh.

Congratulations Bonnie and Kevin! Best of luck in the many years to come. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day, on behalf of all of us at Tampa Photo.

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