Kammie and Ryan, Little Harbor Wedding

Kammie and Ryan tied the knot this past Saturday at Little Harbor located on the east side of Tampa Bay. This is a great location because you get your own private beach and sunsets over the water, not to mention plenty of other cool places to shoot! It was a great event and the weather was beautiful.

Kammie and Ryan enjoy their surroundings after tying the knot. This was also the view from the ceremony location. Not too shabby!

Kammie heads over to the ceremony after getting ready.

The hotel part of the resort has a great lobby for photographs. This cool sculpture/chandelier reminded me of stars floating above Kammie.

Kammie pauses for a minute while I snap a few photos before she runs off to hide before the ceremony.

I took advantage of the great Florida scenery for this shot of Ryan. We were able to hide in the shade of a sea grape which helped Ryan stay cool, but also let me control the light a little more effectively.

Ribbons hanging from the corner of the ceremony arch blow in the breeze .

Kammie and Ryan enjoy a quiet moment after the ceremony to watch the sunset. This is very similar to the first shot in the post but it makes a nice point. Standing far away and zooming in with a long lens compressed the couple into the small orange part of the sky around the sun. By moving right up to the couple and using a wider angle the image takes on a completely different feel.

The couple shares their first dance. I was using two lighting setups for the reception. One was even and safe and this one was a little more moody and emotional. Even though their faces are kind of hidden in the shadows, I think it represents the moment well. They were dancing in front of all their friends and family in a very public setting, but they had a very private connection going on between them that was subtle yet powerful. The full length/evenly lit shot is what the guests are seeing and I chose this shot to represent what I thought the couple was feeling.

Things usually calm down enough during dinner to allow me to roam the venue looking for nice location shots.

I never thought I would put a picture of the guest book on my blog, but I really like this shot. The candlelight, the birds of paradise, the warm tones; I think it all comes together to reflect the tropical/romantic feel of the wedding.

Father and daughter share a dance.

Gotta love kids! These two took to the dance floor and immediately had the paparazzi all over them. Although you can't see their faces from this angle, I think the addition of the B&G to the photo makes it more powerful.

Congratulations Kammie and Ryan! Thanks for choosing Tampa Photo to provide you with high quality images of your wedding day. It was a lovely wedding and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come.

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