Baby Shower

This was a busy weekend! I photographed Heather and Jarrett's wedding on Saturday (those images coming soon) and then Karen had her baby shower on Sunday. Thanks to all the ladies that were able to make it out to the shower. And special thanks to Shannon and Christine for putting this shindig together! Great job ladies! We'd also like to thank my parents for letting us use their place, and Karen's mother for making it down from South Carolina.

This cake was too cute! We aren't finding out the sex; hence the pink AND blue. (Come on blue! - just kidding)

Awwwww. Publix did a great job with the cake.

Everyone was given a piece of string they were to cut to the length they thought would fit around Karen's belly perfectly. Wendy was just about perfect!

Karen sits front and center as the ladies fill out their bingo cards. (For the guys reading this or others with little shower experience, this entails filling out your card with items you think the mother will get) Colleen was the first to score a "Bingo."

Many gifts were accompanied with "Awwww," and "That's so adorable."
My mom opens up her gift. Of course she is thrilled that I captured her mid-sentence!

Karen's mom shows off her gift.

And you know I couldn't send everyone home without getting a group shot first! I told them to just crowd around the couch and when I looked up everyone was perfectly arranged. These girls are good! Not a bad looking group, huh? Especially that one glowing in the front!

Karen and Shannon. Shannon just moved to Colorado this week, but stayed behind for a few days to help prepare for and host the shower (while juggling a 2 1/2 yr old, and a four month old). Shannon, you're a great friend and you've been a huge help; we're going to miss you.

Karen and Christine. Christine also helped plan and host the shower. These two met on their first day at Eckerd College, where they were put together as roommates. Best friends ever since. Thanks Christine!

That's all for the shower! Check back soon for some of my favorite images from this weekend's wedding.

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