Women Build

I made it up to the Habitat for Humanity Women Build for one of their recent work days. I mainly wanted to check on the progress of the house, while also getting a few more shots of Pam in action.

To see what this "Women Build" thing is all about, you can go to the official site, or you can see all of my related blog posts.

Pam occasionally visits the site with her two sons so they can see the progress on the house (they are too young to be allowed to help during construction). On their most recent visit they went around and chose their rooms. Apparently one of the boys thought he should get the master suite. Seen here is "Mom's Bedroom" although I don't think this will actually be her room.

Lots of the volunteers have been writing messages on the walls as well.

One of the HFH project managers walks by a message from Pam and her boys to all the volunteers: "TO ALL WHO WORK HERE, OUR HEARTFELT THANKS! PAM, MICHAEL + RYAN."

Pam supports one end of a roofing frame while the volunteers attempt to lower it so it can be moved to a different section of the roof.

Pam at the work site.

Pam takes a minute to step back and survey the progress.

The ladies move a wall before it is set in place. A beam reads "A House Filled with Love."

The house is coming along and expected to be finished around February. I will be sure to keep you posted!

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