Lt. Col. Ferrucci Retirement Ceremony

I met Lt. Col. Lou Ferrucci last week at MSgt. Chvatal's retirement ceremony. He asked me to cover his ceremony the following week. Things were pretty similar, but this ceremony was held at the Officer's Club, which was a beautiful room but posed a few problems for photography purposes. Nothing I couldn't deal with though! (If any banquet room designers are reading: don't put mirrors right behind where all the action will be, and I prefer flat, all-white ceilings approx. 10' high - Thanks!)

Lou addresses his family, friends and fellow members of the military. Lou was an excellent speaker. As I've mentioned before it can be hard to concentrate on ISO, shutter speeds, apertures, lighting, composition, etc. AND listen to what is being said. I don't remember specifics about the speech, but I do remember laughing and darn near crying at one point!

Lou bows his head in prayer as the ceremony begins. His wife and son are seen in the foreground. The family was a major part of this ceremony, as military families are asked to sacrifice much to accommodate the long hours, extensive travel, and frequent moving associated with life in the military. I tried to make several photographs that helped illustrate the important role played by the family.

This is a close-up of the Meritorious Service Medal of Honor that Lou received. He was actually given the Third Oak Cluster for this award, meaning it is his fourth time to receive the honor. But they use a stand-in medal for the ceremony.

This is the pin that Lou cared most about! "RETIRED"

We did a few final shots of Lou in his uniform for the last time and he just wanted to show off that "RETIRED" pin. That's OK Lou, you earned it!

Congratulations Lou! I wish you the best of luck in whatever mission you choose to embark on next.

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