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Karen and I went for a quick walk on the beach last night. It was nice to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunset, but it was also just an excuse to go to our favorite pizza/Italian place Jo-Jo's. Karen and I keep trying to find the time to do her formal maternity shots with studio lighting, etc. but haven't yet. We agreed to shoot a few quick shots while at the beach just to take advantage of the nice scenery.

The original plan was to just shoot silhouettes like this one, but once we were out there we tried a variety of styles.

This was actually right as we were leaving the beach walking back to the car. The sea oats, the pink sky, and the moon all combined to form a very interesting scene. The image is slightly underexposed because I think it adds to the feel/mood of the scene. Also, if the scene was exposed for Karen, the sky would have been washed out and lost most of its color.

And you know I couldn't resist incorporating a flash into a few! I told her I wouldn't bring any lighting but I slipped a flash into my pocket just in case. I'm glad I did! All the proportions are kind of exaggerated here because I am so close and using a very wide angle lens. I would usually prefer to step back and zoom in, but I had to hand-hold my flash (didn't bring a stand). In order to get nice directional light coming from the side I had to hold out the flash as far as I could while being very close. If I was far away, the flash would be head-on and not as nice.

The due date is in two weeks! Hopefully there will be another maternity set posted before the little guy/girl arrives.

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Nancy Remling said...

Just beautiful!